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Your marketing strategy and communication agency in Russia. We work to be your attentive ears, sharp eyes, skilled hands and forward-looking brain in Russia.

About Us

Our Mission

We are working to bring Russian consumers better choice of quality products at fair price by facilitating cross-border e-commerce.

Our Goal

We aim to make Russia comfortable, attractive and safe place for foreign e-commerce players by facilitating their market entry, supporting launch and commercial activities in Russia.


Market positioning and branding - 10+ projects completed
Market research - 30+ projects completed
Launch strategy - 5+ projects completed
Website localization - 5+ projects completed
PPC and SEO - 25+ projects completed
Content strategy - 20+ projects completed


Core of How2Russia

Specialists in three key e-commerce areas have joined their efforts to become a lean and efficient management team capable of handling various cross-border e-commerce issues in Russia.

Olga Gusseva

Seasoned marketing expert with sound international experience in strategy, marketing, branding and cross-border e-commerce. Аuthor, copywrighter, blogger and idea-genera

Anatoliy Voskresenskiy
CIO / Development

Maestro di capella, conducting all development projects in the agency. Designing, coding, testing, managing – all that it takes for the project to be...

Sofiya Mironova

A true master with her magic toolbox that builds your presence and voice in the market. Always changing, always on top of latest ad...

Are you ready to explore Russian market? We are here to help.

Go for success in Russia
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