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Legal consulting

Do we need a legal entity? Do we have to report your sales and pay taxes? Can I collect customer data? Can I e-mail and SMS customers? How about the returns? Do it right from the first try to avoid expensive mistakes.

Launch strategy

What is the best price strategy for the product? How much do I need to invest? Do I need a local website? What is the best way to deliver? How do I manage returns? When is the best time to launch? How and when to advertise? Plan the work and work the plan.

Content strategy

How to build efficient content strategy in Russian? How to manage content generating process and control consumer generated content? Make Russian content your strongest ally.

Market positioning

How to position my products in the market? Where is the right place for my product in consumer’s mind? What are the main advantages I am planning to push? What are the decision making and purchase driving factors? Get the answers before the launch.

Website localization

How to localize content? How to make your website speak and understand Russian? How to integrate customer support into your business processes? How mobile shall I be? How to arrange delivery and returns? Ensure brand consistency and efficient localization.

Strategic partnerships

How to choose the right partner for delivery, returns, customer service and marketing communication needs? Do I need someone else to sell my product online? Get the partners you can rely on.

Market research

How big is my market potential in Russia? How big is the demand? What is the seasonality? How consumers perceive my product? Who are my competitors? Understand your opportunities and threats in the market.


How to become visible in search results? How to generate traffic that converts? How to extend your communication strategy to Russia? How to deal with Yandex? How to manage Yandex Direct PPC campaigns? Get the most from local tools and technologies available.

Marketing automation technology

What Russian customer acquisition, communication and management tools suit my business? How to integrate them into existing business processes? Sell cheaper and faster.

It never hurts to ask. Just drop us a line or call and together we’ll have a look at your challenge and find a solution.

Go for success in Russia
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